For pricing or to request a solar evaluation fill in the following form. Four levels of evaluation services are available.

  1. First Cut Feasibility Analysis – complimentary simplified feasibility analysis by phone or email.
  2. No Cost No Obligation Solar Contractor Evaluation – Complete PV evaluation with preliminary design and a proposal from a reputable solar contractor, for qualified customers.
  3. Independent, Customized Evaluation – Independent evaluation provided for a reasonable fee. Independent evaluations put the focus on your objectives and your questions and are not connected with a sales presentation from a contractor.
  4. Other Consulting Services – Per your individual request.

    I have a roof or open space that is unshaded every day between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.


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    First Cut Feasibility Analysis

    No Cost No Obligation Solar Contractor Evaluation

    Independent Customized Evaluation

    Other Consulting Services


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