Home Solar Evaluation

Get Informed Solar Energy Answers From A Professional Solar ConsultantHome Solar Systems Design Consulting company sonora, California
Hiring Solar Alternatives Design to inform you on your solar energy system purchase can save you money and ensure that you buy an optimally performing system.  We will provide a high level of solar expertise in system design, feasibility and economics.  We will inform and guide you to help you obtain the best system for your needs, and at a good price.
Solar energy installation companies advertise free evaluations, but did you know that solar sales representatives are often hired primarily for their ability to close sales?  They may have relatively limited technical knowledge and limited time to answer your questions and explore your options.  Even when they are working hard to serve you well, their financial incentive is to improve the bottom line for their company.
It makes sense to hire a professional solar consultant when you are considering purchasing a highly technical system costing thousands of dollars that you will live with for the next 20 years or more.  We will provide accurate and detailed technical information on the types of systems and equipment that are best for your energy usage and your home.
We also provide a high quality unbiased economic analysis.  If you have good access to direct sun, solar may be a one of the best financial investments you can make, with higher rates of return, lower risk and shorter payback periods than mutual funds or other investments.  Also, owning your own solar energy system provides a hedge against energy price inflation and energy independence for your home and your nation.  In addition, it is a way for you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and benefit the environment.
However, if your home has too much shade or too little space available for a solar array, or if your electricity usage is to low for solar to be a good investment for you, we will tell you up front.
Protecting your best interests is our primary objective.  Your complete satisfaction is our standard.
With our solar energy evaluation you can get answers to questions such as:

  • How much would a PV system cost?
  • What would the rate of return and payback period be?
  • Is the sales proposal I received the best type of system for me, good quality equipment and a good price?
  • How much of my electricity bill could I offset with a PV system?
  • Where would the PV system be located and how big would it be?
  • Do I have too much shade?
  • If I cannot pay cash, how could I finance a system with no money down?
  • How would the PV system work?
  • What are the non-economic benefits of solar energy?
  • Should I install a battery bank to provide backup power during utility outages and to reduce Time of Use charges?
  • Answers to specific questions you may have.

Commercial Solar Evaluations

Home Solar Systems Design Consulting company sonora, californiaMake Your Business Green and Save Money
With current tax incentives and decreasing solar energy prices, a solar energy system may improve your bottom line and also demonstrate your commitment to improving the environment.
A Commercial Solar Evaluation will include a preliminary design showing the location, system configuration, an energy production estimate, estimated cost, an economic analysis, financing options and tax incentives.  If your business has high peak demand charges we can evaluate if a battery storage system will lower your total life cycle cost.


Government Solar Evaluations


Start Meeting Your Renewable Energy Targets
A Government Solar Evaluation performs PV planning for your agency to make decisions and begin implementation of solar energy projects. The evaluation includes economics, energy production estimates and benefits available specifically for government customers. It will discuss financing methods available for government agencies, including third party ownership strategies that capture some of the income tax incentives that are available to private solar investors. The evaluation complies with pertinent laws, Executive Orders and regulations. If your agency doesn’t have a solar energy specialist, Solar Alternatives Design can fill the skill gap so you can meet your renewable energy objectives with the staff you currently have.