Solar System Design Company Sonora, California

Contractor Services

Solar Energy Permit Packages

For construction, electrical or solar contractors, Solar Alternatives Design provides complete permit packages including layout drawings, schematics, ground mount racking drawings, label plans, plot plans and calculations.  The schematic drawings can be single line drawings or three-wire drawings showing details of the connections to inverter and service panel.  The detailed calculations include array/inverter sizing, current input limits at inverter terminals, conductor sizing for ampacity and voltage drop, conduit sizing, grounding requirements, OCPD sizing and interconnection to the grid.  The calculations check to avoid current clipping and operating voltage falling outside MPPT limits in order to achieve robust system operation.  Numerous checks assure full compliance with the 2020 California Electrical Code.


Design Assistance for Do-It-Yourself Solar Projects
Photovoltaic systems should be installed by qualified personnel. We provide complete design services for Do-It-Yourselfers who have determined that they have appropriate skills available to them.
We provide the same design and permitting services to Do-It-Yourselfers as to contractors, plus any additional information you may require.

Specialized Consulting

Answers to Your Questions
Solar Alternatives Design provides answers to design and economics questions as needed.  Contact us for answers to questions such as:

  • How will Time of Use rates affect the optimum tilt and orientation for a ground mount system?
  • What is the best TOU rate schedule for a specific system?
  • How does NEM 2.0 affect optimum system size?
  • What is the expected energy production for a specific system?
  • What are the recent code changes regarding labels, 1000V systems, grounding, Rapid Shutdown, combiners, disconnects and interconnection to the grid, etc.

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